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With CoffeeFunders, i can visualize and add suspended coffees/snacks in real-time everywhere in the world.

On the map, i can seek for a specific establishment or display all establishments which have suspended coffees/snacks:

This place has one or multiple suspended coffees/snacks

This place has no suspended coffee/snack

The ribbon indicates CoffeeFunders' partners.

This icon represents coffees/snacks offered by the establishment.

Hearts indicate the level of activity:

Little Funder

→ has totalized > 1 suspended coffee/snack

Super Funder

→ has totalized > 20 suspended coffees/snacks

Gold Funder

→ has totalized > 300 suspended coffees/snacks

In order to visualize or add suspended coffees/snacks, i click on the pin and let myself be led through the description panel.

Search or declare a coffee/snack

CoffeeFunders, the real-time cooperative platform for suspended coffees

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